Guillaume Normandin

Firefighter, trainer and instructor, Guillaume has a great capacity for adaptation, a creative spirit and an ease in planning projects. Passionate about real estate, travel and communication, he has a remarkable ability to establish lasting relationships and contribute to the well-being of others. Guillaume is the team's energy, passion and determination.

Tiffany Desaulniers

Massage therapist and passionate about psychology, Tiffany has always been focused on listening and understanding others, which allows her to offer unique and impeccable customer service. Eager for freedom and new experiences, she traveled the world for several years, inspiring her in terms of tourism and vacationing. Tiffany is the rational dreamer of the team.

Guillaume and Tiffany come together on their shared passion : Traveling and escaping where life is good and where the environment is beautiful, healthy and simple. It is by linking their aspirations and values that Les Chalets BROMI was born, inspired by the name of their two four-legged partners: Mr. Brows and Tomi.


Offering unique and turnkey accommodations to make the pleasure of escaping easy.


    QUALITY : Offering accessible, clean and safe accommodations, worthy of the standards of our customers.

    TRUST : Establishing a relationship of trust with our customers based on listening, communication, openness and mutual respect.

      SIMPLICITY : Allowing a simple reservation process, providing all the instructions necessary for the smooth running of the stay, and remaining available for the needs of our customers. Prioritizing local and eco-friendly purchases, reuse and restore, reduce our environmental footprint.